Saatchi Yates Gallery

Saatchi Yates Gallery, Cork Street, W1

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Posted on 19th October 2020

Saatchi Yates Gallery

Today we’re delighted to reveal a few photos from our highly anticipated fit-out project for prestigious new gallery ‘Saatchi Yates’, located on Cork Street, W1, the opening of which was last Thursday.

Saatchi Yates Gallery Saatchi Yates Gallery

Owned by Pheobe Saatchi Yates and Arthur Yates, ‘Saatchi Yates’ aims to create a new focus on emerging artists in the heart of London, and here at Lanview we’re pleased to have been able to successfully capture their interior vision for the gallery. The Saatchi Yates Gallery has this to say about us:

“Lanview were so efficient, fast and creative to work with. They made everything very easy for us which we were incredibly grateful for. They were very patient with us and our many additions and changes to the works, helping us find competitive solutions to all our problems, and we had a wonderful project manager and felt very taken care of”.

Saatchi Yates Gallery

Charles Saatchi, who was also working on this project, had this to say about Sam, one of Quantity Surveyors:

“Sam, we are all so very grateful for your endless efforts to make the gallery perfect. Phoebe, Arthur and I are very aware that without your management skills , patience and perseverance this gallery could never have been finished on time and so immaculately.

You were so kind to look after the fiddly bits over the last couple of days. We are going to miss seeing you here!”

We know our team are fantastic, but it’s always lovely to get praise and positive feedback direct from our clients!

Our work on ‘Saatchi Yates’ comes under our ‘Private Client’ umbrella, an area in which we will be showcasing more of alongside our other projects over the coming months- watch this space…