, A Fond Farewell to John!

A Fond Farewell to John!

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Posted on 28th January 2021

At the end of this month, Lanview are sadly saying ‘goodbye’ to one of our much-loved, longest standing members of staff, our Financial Controller, John Briggs, who is retiring after a not-insubstantial 16 years with us.

John has been a Lanview stalwart, taking charge of everything from our end of year accounts through to forecasting, as well as being a bit of skiing dynamo(!) on our company trips, and he will be very much missed.

Duncan Castle, Lanview’s Commerical Director says:

John is a true Gentleman and it has been a privilege and pleasure to work with him. He has gone above and beyond in service to Lanview over the years and we will be forever grateful for his selfless support in both the good and challenging times. I sincerely hope he has a wonderful and fulfilling retirement, I’m just glad to see he is not planning on doing any more skiing!”

Damon Golder, Managing Director, also pays tribute to John:

John first joined Lanview on a temporary basis back in 2002, before re-joining Lanview as Financial Controller on a permanent basis in 2004.  If business owners are honest they would tell you it’s not all plan sailing running a business, and that there are many ups and downs. There are also challenging times, and it’s during the more challenging times when you need committed, honest and hardworking staff. Above all at a senior level, you need staff with a calming influence, and John is all of the aforementioned whilst remaining a true gentlemen.

Never one to shy away from an invite to join younger members of staff skiing, golfing, partying or on stag weekends abroad, whatever the occasions John would throw himself into anything. John has become close friends with each of the Directors and their respective families, and I speak for each of the business owners when I say we all think the world of him.

John’s decision to retire was his alone, and he will be sorely missed leaving a huge void within Lanview.  However, he leaves us with our blessing of the fondest of memories.

Take care, John, and enjoy your well-earned retirement”


Such lovely words from two of our Directors.

, A Fond Farewell to John!

We have a quick catch up with John about his time at Lanview…

So, John, you’ve finally managed to escape! What are you looking forward to about your retirement?

I’m certainly looking forward to spending more time on the golf course, being able to go to the gym 2-3 times a week (once we’re out of lockdown), and also getting on with some decorating. I must be the only person who didn’t decorate during the first lockdown!

Any fond memories of your time at Lanview?

Plenty, but aside from work, our ski trips to Val d’Isere are up there! They were an interesting experience put it that way, as I’m 6ft 5 so possibly not the most dynamic on the slopes! I blame Duncan among others for my mishaps, for cutting me up and causing a chairlift pile up, plus me having an incident involving slippery, slushy snow and a chairlift, and getting hit by incoming chairs, one by one! Great fun though.

What will you miss the most about working at Lanview?

The people – they’re a really nice bunch and it’s a great company to work for.

Any advice for Tracey (John’s successor)?!

Ignore the Directors, they’re much better when they’re out of the office! Only joking. Don’t let them store 27 boxes of paperwork in your living room. It kept me very busy, I definitely won’t miss filing!


We’d like to wish John a very happy retirement, and soon we’ll be introducing Tracey Falero, who is taking over as our new Financial Controller.