Meet Thomas Radcliffe, Trainee Project Coordinator, Lanview

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Posted on 2nd February 2023

Starting a new month with the introduction of another new team member at Lanview – this time, Thomas Radcliffe, our brand new Trainee Project Coordinator! We find out what made Tom want to embark on a career within the construction industry, and what his first full time role since leaving school involves…

Thomas Radcliffe

Hi, Tom, tell us a bit about your background?

I’m 18, so this is my first full time job since finishing school, where I studied Business, Economics at A Level, alongside a BTEC in Public Services. I’d always wanted to work in the construction industry, and was keen on Lanview as a company, so I kept emailing, before Damon (MD) put me through a rigorous interview process before agreeing to take me on. We had to liaise with my college to make sure this role and my apprenticeship aligned (I’m also studying for a Level 4 HND Site Supervisor qualification), as the employer needs to make sure any role meets the specification of the course, but thankfully we’ve made it work!

What does your role at Lanview involve?

My official title is Trainee Site Coordinator, and in these early stages of my role I’m taking in a lot of what the other team members are doing and absorbing information. I’ve been working alongside Jerry (Lanview Estimator), as well as shadowing Michael (Gibson, Lanview Project Manager). I’ve been able to follow Michael to site a couple of times already, and I’m settling in and learning the ropes.

What made you consider Lanview as a company to work for?

I was keen to work for a company that had a lot going on project-wise, yet wasn’t too huge, as I wanted the opportunity to progress and for my work to have an impact and not be just another number. I feel that Lanview is perfect for this, and I’m excited about the future working here.

Dream future project to work on?

Well, I’m currently starting to work on it! Unfortunately I can’t say too much about it for a few months but it’s definitely an exciting one, and fairly local so I’ve already been able to visit and speak with the current site manager there a lot. I’ll be working on it from start to finish, so look forward to sharing more soon- watch this space!

Advice for youngsters like yourself looking to get into the construction industry?

The construction industry is very competitive, so you need to be proactive and persevere, and keep contacting the companies that you’re keen to work for with why you’d like to work for them, what projects of theirs you’ve liked- get noticed early on!

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love football and support QPR, and I also go the gym and socialise with my friends a lot.

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