Lanview completed this prestigious project for our repeat client, Linnell Volume LLP, involving the construction of a new, purpose-built industrial unit within the existing Milton Keynes Integra business park site.
The new building (“Unit 9”) sits on the Integra site, located at Linford Wood, and is a steel portal frame building for offices and industrial use with a total floor area of 833m2.

Lanview were responsible for the complete construction of this modern, purpose built steel framed commercial unit. The unit had to be sympathetic and complementary to the existing units situated within the Integra Milton Keynes Business Park.

The unit includes a 230m2 contemporary open plan mezzanine floor which overlooks the full height industrial space. Special consideration had to be given to the existing ground condition which needed to be stabilised to improve the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of soil. We investigated several options ensuring that the chosen solution was practical, efficient and cost effective. The adopted solution was Vibro stone columns. This ground improvement technique is a top feed approach which involves adding stone from the surface of the ground, which allows for greater control of the placement and density of the stone columns.

Additional consideration had to be given to the existing drainage capacity of the site to meet planning conditions. Specifically, this was in relation to the surface water drainage system and a design was developed that included the installation of an attenuation tank with designed volume and flow control.

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